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Carol and Susan McLeod
Owners and Operators
Hold Fast Brewing


What does it take to make a dream come true?  Passion, courage, fear and a little bit of crazy.


When the McLeod sisters, Susan and Carol decided to turn their passion for craft beer into a home brewing experience, they did it to honor their dad.

When they decided to step out of the box and start creating their our own recipes, they courageously went where few had gone before (rhubarb ale anyone?)

When they decided to open their own brewery, that's when they asked themselves, "are we crazy?".

Since then it's been unadulterated fear moving them forward.

Well, not entirely.  They have done their due diligence to make their brewery dream come true.  Carol got accepted into the American Brewer's Guild and as part of that program, she did an internship with Rahr and Sons Brewing Company and got to see how the big dogs play.  She contrasted that experience with part-time work at a very small brewery in Tulsa.  She also went on an extended tour of the highest ranked breweries in New England.

Meanwhile, as Carol was feasting on lobster and outrageously great east coast beers, Susan enrolled in classes to learn  how to work on industrial systems, fluid power and electricity.  Sexy.  She should be able to save the brewery on minor repairs.  Really sexy.

All the while, they were on the constant hunt for a location, the perfect location. Then, as if it were meant to be, the perfect location found them.  Again, they got their courage up and with equal parts of fear and crazy, they jumped through every hoop and every hurdle to get where they are now.

Living their dream.   Following their passion.  Are we crazy?  Oh Yeah!