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In 1962, the Springfield Fire Department moved the location of their headquarters from Commercial Street to 235 N. Kimbrough Avenue.  Our location remained Springfield's Fire Station #1 for 50 years before being decommissioned in 2002.  The space was later used for SWAT training by the Springfield Police Department and then storage for Public Works.

The McLeod Sisters had been on the hunt for a location for their dream brewery for about two years when a friend mentioned to them that the City of Springfield had put the old fire house up for auction.  After an open house tour, Carol and Susan knew they had found their location and with the help of Hood-Rich Architecture, Fire Station #1 became Hold Fast Brewing!

Some of our most enthusiastic guests have been firefighters who were once stationed here!  There are still firefighters currently serving the city that started their careers here at 235 N. Kimbrough Ave.  Hang out in the taproom long enough and you're sure to hear some great stories from the firefighter's that come visit their old stompin' grounds.

FIRE STATION #1 fun facts

One of the first firefighters to work at Station #1 planted a buckeye tree out front of the station using a buckeye from his own yard.  Firefighters started carrying a buckeye in their pocket for good luck and continued the tradition after moving to the new Fire Station #1 on Grand Street.

Even fire stations catch fire once in a while.  Not only has the station caught fire, but it has been struck by lightening TWICE!

The small, detached building out back was the original 911 Communications Center.  Later, the top floor became the Fire Chief's headquarters.

Station #1 originally had two different fireman's poles.  Our current display of firefighter gear, including the fireman's pole, is graciously provided by the Springfield Fire Department.

When hanging out in the taproom, check out the floors!  We kept the parking lines for the fire trucks because we love the character it provides the building and taproom.

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