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​Our flagship beers are the four styles we are passionate about, Pale Ales, Brown Ales, IPAs and Light Lagers.  We do enjoy brewing some additional favorites, so be sure to check out our seasonal collection.
The Experience Pale Ale
Bright, slightly hope Pale Ale that's floral on the nose and mellow on the palate.  This beer was an "experience" to brew so make sure you find out the story!
Boondock Brown Ale
Robust Brown Ale that's nice and toasty with hints of chocolate.  Not too heavy for the early fall you long for the crisp fall breeze on the patio.
Brewery Dream Cream

Cream Ales are a staple of the American Midwest.  Made to be light and crisp, similar to a lager, but made with ale yeast and fermented at a higher temperature.  This beer is a gently hopped, allowing the pilsen malt to shine through.  FYI: There is not cream or lactose in this beer.

Highlander Wheat

A classic beer for America...hazy with a slight citrus note on the finish. A well balance beer with wheat malt shining through on the first taste, followed with a hoppy finish.

 Other Beer and Drink Options:

At Hold Fast Brewing we wanted to provide an option for our gluten sensitive guest.  We have brought in Glutenberg Beer!  These beers come in a range of styles and are quite delicious!  We also know that not everyone likes beer, but their friends and significant others might really enjoy breweries, so we have a selection of wines and ciders as well.

Since we are a family friendly venue, we have included non-alcoholic beverages to our menu.  We have coke products, juice boxes and Spring Branch Kombucha.  We also have Glutenberg's non alcoholic beer option.